Just for a few minutes…

I just want to rest for  a few minutes before going back to doing my take-home test due Friday. I’m sure the professor won’t mind. I also wanted a few minutes to tell you about Tooty Fruity’s new Winter Boots that come in white, black, brown, dark brown, beige and grey. They are compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and SLink feet.

Now back to that test…




HEADPHONES – [hh] – Larkin Outfit – Headphones
HAIR – /Wasabi Pills/ – Dakota Mesh Hair
DARK MOON – T.arnished – Dark Moon Jewel
EYES – {SONG} – Roma~ Hazel Eyes
MOON CHOCKER – [MONCLER.] – Halloween necklace Moon [GROUP GIFT]
HOODIE – [hh] – Larkin Outfit – Hoodie
TIGHTS – [FAM] – Ripped Leggings Toxic
SHOES – Tooty Fruity – Winter Boots – White
BODY – Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara
SKIN – Lara Hurley – Dani Dark

Links -> Tooty Fruity[hh]/Wasabi Pills/T.arnished{SONG}[MONCLER.][FAM]Maitreya Lara Hurley



Tooty Fruity Logo png




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